Tooksipa et le tabouret d’or

The Fondation culturelle Musée Barbier-Mueller and Éditions Glénat Jeunesse are glad to announce the release of Tooksipa et le tabouret d’or.

First in a series Tooksipa et le tabouret d’or is an ethno-tale based on the oral traditions of the Gan people of Burkina Faso, which are threatened with extinction. These traditions along with the mythology and the political, social and religious organization of the Gan people have been studied by the anthropologist Daniela Bognolo whose survey was published by the Fondation culturelle Musée Barbier-Mueller in 2010. Let us remind you that the Foundation aims at backing financially the anthropological surveys of little-known peoples in the world. The publications of these surveys bear witness to the believes, traditions and lifestyles of communities which are fast disappearing due to social and economic developments as well as climate changes.

Abaddan, the ethno-tale’s author, drew his inspiration from the survey carried out by Dr Daniela Bognolo to tell the story of Tooksipa, a boy who is grappling with some aspects of his community traditions to become an adult.
The expressive drawings by Helder Da Silva liven up the tale shrouding some of its parts in a dramatic atmosphere and others in a cheerful one, never departing from a benevolent touch denoting a deep understanding of the Gan culture.

The nature of the tale gave the author the freedom to distance himself from the scientific survey and tackle a major problem in Africa: the persecution of albinos. Unfortunately albinos in many African countries are killed due to superstition or ignorance about the skin condition that is caused by a complete lack of pigmentation. Albinos are considered as special targets for “magical” rituals.

This ethno-tale is not only a fun read but also an educative tool which encourages children and adults to be interested in other cultures and to share human and universal values.

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